Tens of thousands flee their homelands each year to escape torture and persecution, and to seek refuge in the United States through legal asylum. The United States only grants asylum to 37.5% of asylum seekers. 

Los Angeles is home to one of the largest populations of asylum seekers in the United States. Los Angeles immigrants seeking asylum include unaccompanied children as well as survivors of gang violence, political torture, human trafficking, genital mutilation, and gender-based persecution. Asylum seekers who have a forensic medical exam are 8 times more likely to win their asylum case than those applicants without this documentation.   


Our Mission is threefold

  1. Justice: Members of the USC-Keck Human Rights Clinic advocate on behalf of asylum seekers by providing pro bono forensic medical and psychological evaluations to corroborate claims of maltreatment.
  2. Education: Medical students are given the opportunity to assist with forensic evaluations and report drafting, allowing students to gain experience as advocates for health and human rights. Medical students also learn about global issues and cultural competence through assisting with these examinations.
  3. Training: The USC-Keck HRC hosts training sessions for physicians to gain the skills necessary to perform forensic evaluations. If you are interested in hearing about or attending upcoming training sessions, please contact us at contact@keckhumanrights.com